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Margaret Scheuermann, Western Washington University
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scientific glassblower recommendations

I'm looking into the possibility of a custom vacuum line. Any recommendations for a good glassblower with reasonable prices/ turnaround times?

Bad expirences would also be useful to know about (private messages welcome). 

Kari Young, Centre College
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I highly recommend Daryl Smith from Yale University.  http://glassshop.sites.yale.edu/  He does outside work when time allows, and he is great to work with.  For reference, I ordered a custom schlenk manifold that cost about $1500 and I got it in about two weeks. 

Marion E. Cass, Carleton College
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Steve Anderson from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is also great!  He has done some work for us at Carleton.  If you haven't already found someone to do the work for you, I can send you a contact number.