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Nicholas Kingsley, University of Michigan-Flint
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Instrumentation Fudning

I am posting this on VIPEr as Adam so wisely suggested.  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Our departments GC-MS is about 20 years old and has died.  I have been contemplating formulating a grant to get money for a new one.  It doesn’t seem to me that it would fit into the MRI category at NSF but maybe I am wrong with that.  We have intentions to incorporate the use of the machine into our teaching laboratories and in our research.
I have never written a grant for instrumentation before and I am sure that some of you have.  Any guidance you could give would be greatly appreciated.  (where might be a good place to ask for funding, have you ever submitted a instrumentation grant before, what maybe programs would be looking for in funding instrumentation, would it be likely for them to fund a GC-MS)
Thanks in advance for your help.

Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
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I have found that instruments are tough to get, espeically for "basic instruments" like a GC-MS or a UV-Vis.  I have put instruments in NSF-RUI proposals (ca. $10-20k as a line item in year one for a polarimeter, for a solvent purifier, or for chiral LC columns).  My department has recently written major instrument grants (MRI) for an LC-MS, and for NMR.  Sometimes you can approach vendors and get discontinued or showroom floor models at low prices. I guess in my opinion, tacking it on to an RUI proposal is probably the best bet. 


Kyle Grice, DePaul University
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Hi Nick,

Did you ever get that sorted out? I am curious because I am planning on working on some grants with instrumentation components over the next year (MRI, maybe others). For my own research group, I have a problem when I now realize I need one more peice of instrumentation that is just too big to fit in my remaining startup, but not MRI-size. I found that Pittcon has a grant, but it would not apply to my institution due to their enrollment cutoff (I think this excludes your instutitution as well): http://pittcon.org/pcmncg/

I hope it will be useful to other Ionic viper members at institutions that fit the criteria!



Chris Mullins, University of Kentucky
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I think we fit the PittCon criteria listed, we'll be trying to get a proposal together!