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Cameron Gren, University of North Alabama
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What is your favorite Angewandte graphical abstract title? (just for fun)

Saw one in current issue entitled "One to rule them all" ala Lord of the Rings. If you have never read a table of contents of Angewandte Chemie, they are usually good for a chuckle.
Kyle Grice, DePaul University
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I think there was a blog post or two on this in some chemistry blogs a while back. Some of the definitely crack up. 

Just quickly scanning a few issues, here are some that stood out:

"Taming the Beast"

"Out for the count"

"The next super model" (really?) 

"Stirred, not shaken"

"Easy peasy"

"Cutting costs, cutting corners"

Just looking at these, you wouldn't beleive they are the first words in an abstract for a prestigious chemistry journal. I guess it just goes to show that chemists have a (bad) sense of humor.