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Hi all!


My university (University of Portland) is going to online teaching, likely for the remainder of the semester (though they haven't said that). I am wondering if any of you have good resources for an online or virtual coordination chemistry lab. I have seen a lot of great worksheets and activities that would work well for lecture, but I am hoping to find something for students that would be more like a lab. Perhaps a simulation that involves changing ligands and seeing how that affects UV-vis spectra? I appreciate any suggestions, resources, etc!

Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

In cleaning my lab I recently discovered that I am out of ethylenediamine. As soon as it arrives (hopefully soon), I plan on doing some kind of video of the classic Jobs method lab from Angelici's book. Ideally I will also include excel files of the visible spectra. Stay tuned...

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Dennis Ashford / Tusculum University

I am following this forum. Thanks to everyone for pitchign it and helping during this chaotic time. Unfortunately our campus is 'shut down' so I cannot get into the lab. If anyone can post some videos, that would be greatly apprecaited! 

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John De Backere / University of Toronto

I'm a little late to this party, but in the Fall I'm hoping to record video for this activity (, which looks to be a colorful lab showing ligand field effects on the d-d multi-bond strength in Dirhodium Tetraacetate. If I can get back into the lab and do it, I'll post it here - I think it would make for a nice virtual activity as the hands on portion is pretty straight forward.

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Craig M. Davis / Xavier University

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Hello, John.

Thank you for your willingness to share your video.



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