Submitted by Luc Boisvert / University of Puget Sound on Tue, 04/09/2019 - 02:49

Hi all,

I have created short tutorials that show how 3D molecules can easily be created and inserted in PowerPoint. Combined with animations and the powerful Morph slide transition, the use of these 3D molecules can significantly enhance PowerPoint presentations. Perhaps of higher interest to VIPErs will be Tutorials #1 and #3 that show how to create 3D molecules from .cif files and from ChemDraw structures.


Here is a 1-minute introductory video that shows some of what can be done:


Starting with PowerPoint 365, it has been possible to use 3D objects in PowerPoint. The capability has also been added to PowerPoint 2019 (but not to PowerPoint 2016 or earlier versions).

Tutorials are available in .pdf form (accompanied by short Demo videos, and supporting files) that show how to create and use 3D molecules from:

- the x-ray crystallographic data in .cif files

- .pdb files from the RSCB PDB database

- from structures drawn in ChemDraw

- coming soon: from Gaussian and Gamess input files


Head over to the Boisvert Lab website to access the files:


I'll be happy to address any comment, suggestion, correction you may have!