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Dear Colleagues,

We have published a letter entitled "Black Panther, Vibranium and the Periodic Table," in the Journal of Chemical Education. Honestly, while I watched the movie Black Panther, which I REALLY enjoyed, I thought to myself the following question--if vibranium really existed, where would it belong in the periodic table? So, I convinced a chemistry colleague to ask this question on an exam, and the student responses were amazing. We have received great positive feedback on Twitter, with chemistry faculty suggesting other topics, Irving-William Series, radioactive decay rates, and material science concepts. We were simply leveraging the popularity of a movie to get students to think critically and seriously about the periodic table. Furthermore, we also noted that the movie Black Panther provides a unique platform to discuss the important contributions of women and people of color to the STEM disciplines. I hope you can use this as a first-day activity for your inorganic students to get them to review the periodic table as an ice-breaker. The article  can be found at the following link.

Black Panther, Vibranium and the Periodic Table


Kyle Grice / DePaul University

Cool idea from a great movie! 


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