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This forum is for discussion about the BITeS post on CUREs (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences).

Norman Dean / Indiana University

I'm aware of the FRI program at UT, but has anyone else started a chemistry CURE with 1st year students?

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Nicole Crowder / University of Mary Washington

Hi All!

I'm seriously contemplating trying out a CURE for my inorganic lab next semester. I've read the Waterman article and the Weaver article.

Has anyone else tried this? What project did you use? How did you break down the course assignments/grades?

I've always tried to tie the given week's lab to what we were covering in lecture at the time. If you've done a CURE, do you feel like you missed out on that aspect?

Thanks! Nicole

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Anne Bentley / Lewis & Clark College

Replying here to one aspect of your questions, Nicole.  I am often trying to convince students that the lab has a different set of learning objectives from the lecture and that reinforcing lecture content is not necessarily necessary.  So maybe taking that approach could eliminate the need to feel that they're in lock step with each other. 

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

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