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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to incorporate some more materials chemistry-based labs into my intro inorganic chemistry course and have been finding the Teaching General Chemistry - A Materials Science Companion to be a very useful resource. I'm planning to have my students do Experiment 7 in the book (Periodic Properties and Light-Emitting Diodes). However, I'm finding it difficult to find some of the materials suggested in the book, as the vendor part numbers have changed since the book was published in 1993. I could use your help in one of the following ways:

1) Have you run this lab at your institution, and if so, do you have some suggested updated part numbers for the LEDs?

2) It looks like the Institute for Chemical Education at the University of Wisconsin sells an "LED color strip kit," though the kit is currently backordered. Do you know if this kit serves as a replacement of the materials list in Experiment 7?

3) Are there any updated or related labs that I might be able to use instead?

I'm planning to run this lab in mid-April.

I'd appreciate any help you are able to provide!


George Lisensky / Beloit College

Last time I ordered for this lab I purchased LEDS from Mouser

Mouser Electronics

      Blue         Water Clear T-1 3/4 LED 470nm 2200mcd
   #604-WP7113QBC/D InGaN

      Green      Water Clear T-1 3/4 LED 572nm 1500mcd   #859-LTL2H3KGKNN AlInGaP

      Yellow     Water Clear T-1 3/4 LED 588nm 1700mcd   #859-LTL2H3KSK AlInGaP

      Amber    Water Clear T-1 3/4 LED 610nm 3200mcd   #859-LTL2R3FV3KS AlInGaP

      (Orange Water Clear T-1 3/4 LED 605nm 1000mcd   #604-WP7113LSECKJ4AlInGaP)

      Red         Water Clear T-1 3/4 LED
 655nm 1800mcd   #604-WP7113SRC/DW GaAlAs

      Infrared    Water Clear T-1 3/4 LED
 940nm                     #604-WP7113F3C GaAs

      Battery Holder "I" 4" 22 AWG#121-0422/I-GR

      1.0 kΩ 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor #291-1K-RC

      Component Sockets 64P Solder Tail Tin#575-193164

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