Submitted by Tim Herzog / Weber State University on Tue, 03/17/2020 - 10:07

Dear Colleagues,  

I am trying to find some unprocessed NMR data that can be used by students in TopSpin since it is free and students could access it remotely.  If anybody has any FIDs for the following and would be willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it:

  • NMR data of starting materials and products for any kind of interesting reaction especially:
    • organometallics
    • coordination compounds
    • something that could show multiple bonding
    • anything else that is cool
  • NMR data to help elucidate an interesting structure.  


Tim Herzog

Weber State University

Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

It would be really simple for me to get you 1H and 13C{1H} data for ferrocene and diacetylferrocene for the classic acylation lab if you would be interested.

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Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

I have run ferrocene and diacetylferrocene and am happy to share the data with anyone. By run I mean RUN. I have proton, carbon, COSY, DEPT, HMBC and HSQC files available for everyone. There is only so much lab cleaning you can do plus automation is a wonderful thing. As I type this I am also running the monoacetylferrocene and should have that data to share later today. If you want it, drop me a line. I unfortunately don't think VIPEr can handle the file system Bruker creates. I guess I could put them in a zip folder. Hmmmmm. I may give that a shot.


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