Submitted by Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College on Sun, 03/26/2017 - 15:36

Does anyone remember seeing a table in an inorganic text (I'm guessing circa 1980s vintage) that listed out all the various changes in OS, VEC, dnand CN for the various reactions in organometallic/inorganic chemistry? For example, for oxidative addition, OS, VEC and CN all change by +2, and dn goes down by 2. But this table was very complete and had radical reactions, insertions, ligand exchange reactions, and all sorts of other reactions listed as well. I saw this table once, and thought to myself "oh, I'll totally remember that," with the expected outcome being reached.

It wouldn't be a hard table to recreate, but I hate to redo all the work...



Kyle Grice / DePaul University

I have crabtree 4th ed. on my desk and table 6.1 does that for oxidative addition. MFT does it for just OA and RE in section 14.1.2. 

Haven't seen a comprehensive table though.


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Kyle Grice / DePaul University

Hi Adam,

Found something like it. Table 19.2 in Pfenning's text! 


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