Submitted by Anne Bentley / Lewis & Clark College on Fri, 07/17/2020 - 09:39

Feeling anxious about the upcoming fall term?  Not sure how to plan a course that could ping-pong between in person and remote learning?  Consider adopting the flipped classroom approach, in which content is delivered asynchronously and "in class" time (whether that is in person or remote) is used for problem-solving activities. 

The third SLiThEr (Supporting Learning with Interactive Teaching: a Hosted, Engaging Roundtable) will focus on the flipped classroom approach. Anthony Fernandez of Merrimack College and Meghan Porter of Indiana University will start us off with short presentations about their previous experience flipping their courses. Then we'll have plenty of time for questions, answers, and group discussion. 

Join us on Thursday, July 23 at 3 pm EDT (GMT-4).  Please register ahead of time here, so that we can send you the zoom link. You can watch recordings of SLiThEr #1 (online labs) and SLiThEr #2 (remote teaching) on the VIPEr YouTube channel.