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The Global Inorganic Discussion Weekday (GIDW) is a virtual inorganic chemistry symposium series organized and co-hosted by Saurabh Chitnis (Dalhousie University) and Marcus Drover (University of Windsor).

Given the current social distancing policies and travel restrictions, many of our community’s conferences have been cancelled, preventing us from sharing our progress in science. To overcome scientific isolation and to celebrate advances in inorganic chemistry, we have organized a virtual GIDW lecture series! These sessions now attract 200-300 attendees live and 300+ view the recordings afterwards. We have now organized 60+ speakers from Canada, UK, USA, Taiwan, Germany, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Israel, to name a few. The lectures are recorded and are available for 48 h following the date of presentation.  

This weekly seminar series brings together 1 established researcher, 1 early-career researcher, and 1 PDF/PhD student each week under a common scientific umbrella. Our Established Researchers have included Prof. F. Fontaine (Laval), T. Baumgartner (York), I. Tonks (Minnesota), S. Dehnen (Marburg), K. Severin (EPFL), C. Crudden (Queens), M. Scheer (Regensburg), M. Stradiotto (Dalhousie), P. Holland (Yale), J. Yang (UCI), and A. LaPointe (Cornell). Future lecturers include: N. Chilton (Manchester), T.-G. Ong (Institute of Chemistry, Taiwan), T. Cundari (U. North Texas), and C. Lu (Minnesota). For a complete list, see the website above.

In parallel with these series of talks, the GIDW is now also hosting a poster competition where inorganic chemists from all career stages can share their research and connect with others from all over the world. The virtual event will take place through Twitter over a period of 48 hours on July 9th & 10th, 2020 starting at 9:00 AM EDT. For more details and registration (which is free, but required to be considered for prizes) please visit the site.

Participants can use an existing poster or make a new one following the straightforward directions provided on the GIDW website (see link above). Student and postdoc posters will be judged by a panel of experts and several cash/book prizes will be awarded. The winners will be announced at the GIDW session on Monday, July 13th.

The event is generously sponsored by Dalton Transactions, The Canadian Society of Chemistry - Inorganic Division, deGruyter Publishing, and the Wilkinson Foundation. 

More than 115 participants from >15 countries have already registered! Please register before July 6th to be part of this exciting event!

Also, check out the next symposium, MONDAY, July 6, 2020, 13:00 ET

GIDW Virtual Symposium: Week 12 - July 6th