Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource

25 Mar 2020

As pretty much all of us have been doing over these last couple of weeks, I've been re-imagining what my classes will look like now that I'll be teaching remotely. I've wondered how we'll manage general chemistry labs, whether or not summer research will happen, and how I should be assessing students during this time. One thing that has helped tremendously - being in touch with colleagues - not just at my own instituion but from all over the IONiC community. 

10 Mar 2020

Asynchronous online teaching in the COVID-19 era

Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College

As colleges and universities move to limit person-to-person contact at this time I have had several people on- and offline ask me about teaching remotely. There are a number of threads on Twitter that I've scanned but to be honest, I've been so busy trying to figure out what I'm planning to do that I decided to just type up some thoughts and hopefully people can chime in with their own comments.