26 Mar 2008

Greenwood and Earnshaw, Chemistry of the Elements


Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College

An advanced (graduate) textbook that covers the reactivity of the elements.  A great descriptive chemistry resource.  The chapters are divided by element (for example, a chapter on H, a chapter on He) and some elements are grouped (for example, As, Sb and Bi).  Coverage includes natural occurence, isotopes, binary compounds, coordination compounds, organometallic compounds, characterization methods, synthetic methods.

In general, a readable book, and an excellent resource for problems in the realm of descriptive chemistry.

Related activities: 
Implementation Notes: 

Every instructor of inorganic chemistry should have access to this text.


I love this book!  I tell students it is almost always the first place I go to look something up, even before Google (but then maybe that just proves my age).  I find it is an excellent resource to direct students to for assignments where they have to learn some descriptive chemistry such as the related activities linked to above.

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