26 Mar 2008

Shriver and Atkins: Inorganic Chemistry, 4ed


Submitted by Lori Watson, Earlham College
Shriver and Atkins (Inorganic Chemistry, 4ed): This is a comprehensive inorganic textbook designed primarily for students at the Junior/Senior level. P-Chem would not be needed as a prerequisite for this text but could be helpful for some topics. It includes both theoretical and descriptive material along with special topics, enough for a two semester course though it is easily adaptable to a one-semester "advanced inorganic" course by choosing only some topics. The prose is generally clear, the full-color graphic contribute to student understanding, and the chapter overviews provide a concise introduction and context for the student. Some (not all) of the errors in the 3ed have been corrected. Explanations for some topics could be more comprehensive. Ancillaries include electronic versions of most figures, and a student site with a limited number of multiple choice review questions for each chapter. The authors use the literature to inform some of the end-of-chapter problems. The list price for the student text is $128 for a paperback, 821p version.


Good reference book for inorganic chemistry.

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