Submitted by Chip Nataro / Lafayette College on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 22:38

Just wanted to let the community know that we will be at MARM this June doing an undergraduate research and undergraduate teaching session at the meeting. This meeting will be held at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ from June 1-4. Abstract submission is open now and you can learn more here. For the undergraduate research sessions, oral presentations by undergraduate students will not only be welcome and encouraged, but also strongly preferred. This will be a great chance for your students to present the exciting work they have been doing in the research labs. There will also be a poster session. While faculty are more likely to be presenting in the teaching sessions, students are welcome to submit. If you have any questions (beside what day will the sessions be because I don't know that yet), please feel free to ask me. So, if you are from the mid-Atlantic or just want to be in NJ in early June, please join us at MARM. 

Abby O'Connor / The College of New Jersey

Wohoo! Thanks for volunteering and helping out. This should be a great meeting. Not just saying that because I am on the organizing committee ....

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