Submitted by Kari Stone / Lewis University on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 15:34

Please join us for our next SLiThEr as Dr. Mitch Anstey (Davidson College) takes us through his successes and challenges in “Mitch Learns about Alternative Grading. Join us for a discussion on alternative grading techniques!

Maybe you’re interested in grading and assessing your students in new ways? There are many reasons to pursue out-of-the-box grading alternatives. Mitch Anstey is early in that process, having implemented Standards-Based Grading in an upper level inorganic course. He will talk about his decision, the effort he’s put in, where the hiccups have happened, and some early feedback from students. He’s no expert, but maybe that’s just the kind of perspective you’d like to see!

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