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SLiThEr #11 – Implementing Green Chemistry in the Inorganic Laboratory

Are you interested in implementing green chemistry in your teaching and research? (No, we don’t mean adding hexaaquanickel(II) to everything.) Green chemistry is sometimes taught as a standalone course or integrated into organic chemistry laboratory. However, much less has been done for inorganic laboratory courses. In this SLiThEr, our presenters will be Dr. John De Backere from the University of Toronto and Dr. Natalie O’Neill from Beyond Benign, an organization that promotes incorporating green chemistry into teaching curricula. Come discuss the ways you’ve tried to incorporate green chemistry into your courses as well as get ideas for how to make your inorganic laboratory courses more green. We look forward to a lively verdant discussion!

The discussion will be at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern on Thursday October 15th. You can register here.


SLiThEr #12 - Symmetry Resources at Otterbein University

Symmetry operations and point groups are part of most inorganic curricula. However, visualization of symmetry operations can be challenging (the S4 in methane for example). Thankfully, there is a tremendous website full of wonderful examples. The site creator, Dr. Dean Johnston from Otterbein University, is going to host this SLiThEr giving a guided tour of the site that will highlight the exciting new features. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to discuss how this site can be used in their courses.

The discussion will be at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific on Monday (Note the non-traditional day) October 26th and you can register here. I'll C2v you there!

Kyle Grice / DePaul University

Hi All,

Looking forward to these! I have been trying to add green chemistry things to my inorganic lab and research. Also, I use Dean's website in my inorganic classes, and posted a LO on viper about using it. I might need to update it after seeing the SLiThEr on the updates to the site. Here's the LO:…


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Faculty Flo / Slitherin' State University

Both of these SLiThEr presentations are available on our Youtube channel

Green Chemistry


We are planning to have one more SLiThEr in November 2020 before a little break for finals/holidays. We will be back and better than ever in 2021 (and I mean that on sooooo many levels).

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