30 May 2016

BITeS hits the century mark

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College

Way back in January of 2014 at a snowy project meeting of the leadership council held in Easton, PA, I had an idea. That's actually not quite true, my brother-in-law, Ian O'Bryne, had an idea. He thought we had developed a great website full of tremendous content, but we needed to find ways to bring people back to the site on a regular basis. I liked the idea, but I wouldn't say that it was met with widespread enthusiasm. I pushed pretty hard for it and on January 31st, 2014 the first ever BITeS post went live. And now we have published 100 (actually this will be #103). If you do some math that works out to an average of just about 1 post/week, a number I was quite pleasantly surprised by. Hopefully you've enjoyed the BITeS posts, some very intellectual and some not so much. Most of the posts are getting over 200 views and many are getting comments. Even if you aren't an avid BITeS reader, these posts are directly responsible for some of the changes on the site. One of those changes is the way we can announce BITeS posts, new LOs, etc to our Facebook group and Twitter (@VIPEr_Flo). And the changes aren't done yet; coming soon: customizable digests. What will the next 100 BITeS posts hold? Only time will tell. If you ever have a topic you would like us to post about or if you would like to write one, please contact me.