22 Mar 2020

Virtual Social Hour

Submitted by Faculty Flo, Slitherin' State University

Greetingsssss all,

Tomorrow (3/23) was supposed to be our social hour at the Philly ACS meeting. Apparently COVID-19 had some other ideas. But this has proven we are a resilient bunch as we figure out ways to move our classes and our labs into an online format with little to no prep time. This Herculean task certainly deserves a little period of relaxation and time to interact socially all while enjoying a beverage of your choice. This virtual social hour will take place using Zoom starting at 8:30 pm eastern on Monday 9/23. Stay as little or as long as you wish. Just remember, we are NSF funded so we can't supply the beverages. The Zoom link will be posted on the VIPErPit Discord channel around 8:20 tomorrow. Not a member of the VIPErPit, now is a great time to join! If you don't wish to do so, you can certainly contact my minion Chip Nataro by e-mail and I am sure he will be happy to provide the Zoom link. See you tomorrow!



I hope to attend and, perhaps, see some viper fellows, a group to which I am new.