Submitted by Joseph Keane / Muhlenberg College on Sun, 01/10/2016 - 13:57
The inorganic POGIL wiki posted on the VIPEr site seems long abandoned. I am wondering if are there any experienced POGIL practitioners active on VIPEr who would like to be doing more POGIL activities in inorganic classes.
Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

Joe, I don't know if there are any Inorganic POGIL folks out there. I would think there have to be.

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Joseph Keane / Muhlenberg College

Has anyone else written inorganic POGIL activities that actually check all of the boxes for The Pogil Project (e.g., not dependent on a textbook or mini-lecture, etc.), ideally, one or more that has been formally endorsed?

I’m wondering about the possibility of applying for a SPUR (collaboration) grant.  Please email me if applicable. Thanks.

- Joe


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