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I have two related questions about analysis.

1) What is the acceptable range? I was brought up on + 0.4%.

2) Does anyone have an official source for the 'acceptable' range? I looked at the guide for authors for Inorg. Chem. and couldn't find it. I did a little more digging and still haven't found it. Maybe I am just not looking in the right places. Maybe it is a legend that just gets passed on from generation to generation. I don't know. I want to students to consider this in lab for one of my courses, but I want something more official than "this is the way it is". There has to be something out there and I am just too dumb to find it. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College

The journal Organometallics is where you got the 0.4% number.  It used to be in the instructions for authors..... lets see if it still is...

Adequate evidence to establish both identity and purity should be provided for new compounds. In general, this should include elemental analyses, for which agreement of found with calculated values of 0.4% is required."

 hope that helps,


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Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

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Thanks Adam. Glad to know I didn't make it up.
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