Submitted by Chris Mullins / University of Kentucky on Tue, 05/25/2010 - 14:53

I need one of these, but budget is limited and we don't have glassblowing capabilities here...



Chip Nataro / Lafayette College
I would think you could just use a filter stick with the porosity of frit you need. You could fill the filter stick with either solution (although I would think the solution of your compound would make the most sense) and then put that in your other solution. They make filter sticks with some pretty good sized bores so you should be able to get enough of either solution in there. I would expect it would fit inside a flask without too much trouble, maybe a little cutting. I assume with this effort the standard vial inside of another vial diffusion doesn't work.
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Chris Mullins / University of Kentucky
Want to crystallize a metal complex that immediately precipitates upon addition of ligand...thus vapor diffusion would not cut it.
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Chris Mullins / University of Kentucky

I'll see about using a filter stick.

 Thanks for the feedback Chip!


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