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Questions and answers about the GLCA New Directions virtual and in-person workshops can be posted here.
Joanne Stewart / Hope College

Greetings to all of the participants in the 2010 Great Lakes Colleges Association New Directions workshops!

Here's the email that went out after our first meeting with instructions for what's next:

Dear GLCA New Directions participants,
Great job at Friday's virtual meeting everyone! Sixteen people at the meeting, many of them first-time Elluminate users, and we did it! Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Our goals for Wednesday's meeting are to learn how to upload learning objects and discuss the summer workshop.

Learning Objects: Do you have a favorite in-class activity, problem set question, or web site you would like to share? We understand that this is a crazy busy time in the semester, so we are trying to keep this simple and want you to pick something you already use.

What do you need to do before Wednesday? Go to the Google Doc spreadsheet that has been shared with you called GLCA New Directions Learning Objects (if you don't know how to use Google Docs, just let us know and we'll walk you through it on the phone). Enter your name, school, and a title for your learning object.

Is that all? YES, if that's all you have time for! But if you have a few more minutes, we would like you to 1) write a learning goal for the object (What do you want students to know and/or be able to do after they've done this in-class activity, problem set question, or visited this web site?); 2) write how you assess the object (Do you put it on a test? Grade it as a homework?); and 3) describe how your students do on the assessment. These can all be entered in the Google Docs spreadsheet.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 28, 12:00-1:00 p.m. EDT. We'll meet again in Thank you again for your participation. Our "big picture goal" here is to improve inorganic chemistry teaching and learning by encouraging you to become active VIPEr users and hopefully encoiling some of you to be future IONiC leaders.

With our best regards,
Joanne, Hilary, and Lori

P.S. Detailed information about contributing learning objects can be found at: Support for writing learning goals can be found at:

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Joanne Stewart / Hope College

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Dear GLCA participants,

We had another successful Elluminate session today. Your moderators learned how to "share apps" and create breakout rooms. Breakout rooms are definitely more fun than big rooms. We had several good suggestions from participants about VIPEr resources that would be helpful. We were also joined by GLCA and NITLE folks who are interested in seeing what we're up to.

Thanks for sharing your ideas about learning objects with us. I heard many good ideas and really want to help you share them on VIPEr.

The next step (in addition to getting your learning objects up on the site) is to plan for our summer meeting. I'll send out a Doodle poll so we can find the best time. We know that time is more precious than money to many of you, but there is a $500 stipend for summer workshop participation, if that helps!

Thanks again to everyone for participating in the session today!

Joanne, Hilary, and Lori

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Joanne Stewart / Hope College

Dear GLCA friends,

Here's the updated workshop schedule!

Joanne, Hilary, and Lori 


July 16-18, 2010

Location:  Hope College, Holland MI

Housing:  Haworth Inn and Conference Center
225 College Avenue
Holland, MI 49423-3532
(616) 395-7200

Friday - July 16

4:00 pm             Arrival, check-in at Haworth Inn, and social hour at New Holland Brewing Company (across the street from Haworth Inn)

6:00 pm             Dinner and welcome (Haworth Center, Room C&D) 

7:00 pm             After dinner overview of VIPEr and intro to learning object design (Mini-workshop on backward design by Stewart) 

8:00 pm             Small group (birds of a feather) sharing of learning object ideas


Saturday - July 17

8:00 am             Breakfast at Good Earth Cafe (walking distance, 14 East 7th Street, order at the counter and tell them you're with 'Joanne')

9:00 am             Time for interacting with VIPEr and advance "VIPEr user training" (Schaap Science Center, Room 3000)

  • Individual time to interact with the site, have them make notes of what they like and don't like as they interact with it.  Special one-on-one time with anyone who wasn't at the virtual workshop and/or needs help with particular aspects of the site
  • Maybe have them search on particular topics related to their learning object ideas (to find related activities)?
  • RSS feeds and  subscriptions 
  • Tag clouds
  • Theory behind the 2.0 theory         

9:45 am         Writing a learning object, pedagogical considerations, VIPEr requirements

  • Detailed information about the different fields on a learning object
  • Highlighting of several exemplary learning objects
  • The moderation process/copyright process--Powerpoint images etc. exemplary use of that
  • Start writing your own intro text for your particular learning objects and share in small groups with us facilitating object development on Saturday.

10:30 am           Break

11:00 am           Continue working on learning objects independently (may move to any comfortable space in Schaap)

12:00 pm           Lunch catered in by Dining Services, outside Schaap 3000

1:00 pm             Continue working on learning objects collaboratively by type of LO

2:15 pm             Break

2:35 pm             Teaching a learning object - participants will share what they have developed in small groups and/or large group

4:00 pm             Inter-institutional collaboration opportunities - IONiC and workshop participants will share their experiences and ideas to use technology to bring 

                          classes and faculty from  different institutions together 

  •  Just in time teaching
  •  Ask the Expert
  •  PUBLiSH ClUB (peer supported writing)
  •  Research collaboration opportunity brainstorming:  what equipment do we have and how can we help each other?  
  •  Google docs for research
  •  Inter-institutional group meetings                   

6:00 pm             Dinner (CityVu, 61 East 7th Street, walking distance) followed by social/beach outing to Tunnel Park (, sunset over the lake approximately 9:20 pm)


Sunday - July 18

8:00 am             Breakfast  (Haworth Inn, breakfast is set up from 7-10 a.m.)

9:00 am             Post your learning object on VIPEr and report back to the larger group on ideas and insights. What ideas did you get from the group? What challenges were there in working together? (Schaap 3000)

10:00 am           Break

10:30 am           Whole group session: Where do we go from here? VIPEr development ideas (versioning of VIPEr). Personal action plans. (Stewart will lead)

                           Commit to testing LO and/or Ask the Expert, follow up in NITLE auditorium (set a date for followup--end of Sept, early Oct)

12:00 pm           Box lunches available for participants as they leave, picnic outside for those who want to hang around to eat and chat 

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Joanne Stewart / Hope College