Submitted by Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College on Fri, 07/11/2008 - 13:26

We're trying to follow the old Chisholm prep from 1981 ( and are getting super low yields.  Any words of advice?

Ta(NMe2)5 + 2 TMSCl --> [TaCl2(NMe2)3]2 + 2 TMSNMe2

we're being quite rigorous with technique;  I saw the student set up the reaction.  Vac transfer of the TMSCl was fine.  We got product, but only about 10% yield.  Lots of stuff remaining in solution.  We are using a slight excess of TMSCl, but perhaps we need more?

thanks in advance, any lurkers out there,


Nancy Williams / Scripps College, Pitzer College, Claremont McKenna College

Switch to platinum. You know you want to.

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