6 May 2016

Safety and Waste Disposal lines in notebook records

Submitted by Joseph Keane, Muhlenberg College

Anyone who keeps up with C&E News knows that academic institutions are lagging behind industry in regards to safety culture.  When I revise my in-house lab manuals and handouts after the current semester, I will be making what seems like a small no-brainer change that I suspect might have a disproportionally large impact.  Safety information is regularly presented to students in the form of semester briefings, text written into specific lab procedures, and pre-lab lectures.  An exam, quiz, or lab discussion question might ask students to recall specific safety information, but more ofte

13 Apr 2011

Student dies in laboratory accident

Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College

A student at Yale apparently died yesterday in the Chemistry department.  Details are still very vague, but it seems like her long hair was pulled into a lathe.

A sad reminder of the importance of safety and good laboratory practices (note, there is no information at this time about whether she was in fact following good practices and just had an accident or not). 

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