Database for UV/vis spectra

Submitted by Gerard Rowe / University of South Carolina Aiken on Fri, 01/05/2018 - 14:08

I'm sure everyone here has, at some point, wondered what the UV/vis spectrum of a particular metal salt looks like in a given solvent.  Often, the availble information is limited to a couple of peak wavelengths and molar absorptivities, if you're lucky.  In my classes, I often keep using the same spectra found in Miessler, Tarr, and Fischer, which, themsevles, come from a 1962 book, "Absorption Spectra and Chemical Bonding in Complexes" by Jorgensen.  It's frustrating that there doesn't seem to be an extensive database of electronic spectra (NIST Chemistry Webbook doesn't have much in the w


Molar absorptivity / molar extinction coefficients for inorganic solutions

Submitted by Julia C. / University of California Davis on Wed, 11/30/2011 - 19:38

Greetings VIPErs,

I am looking for molar absorptivity (or molar extinction coefficient) data for a handful of inorganic compounds (in solution), as a function of wavelength in the UV/visible spectrum. Can you help?

The compounds are Co(NO3)2, CoCl2, K2CrO7, AuCl3, K2CrO4, NiCl2, CuSO4, and KMnO4.

I have tried the following online resources without success: the CRC Handbook, the NIST Chemical WebBook, the Combined Chemical Dictionary, PubChem, SciFinder, and Google.