Submitted by Faculty Flo / Slitherin' State University on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 09:23

It is hard to believe that the first BITeS post was in 2014! That post began "Welcome to a new feature of VIPEr -- VIPEr BITeS (Blogging Inorganic Teaching & Scholarship). VIPEr BITeS will be a venue for longer posts on a broad spectrum of topics." Over the years a wide range of topics were presented in BITeS posts ranging from incredibly serious and poignant to somewhat tongue in cheek (do snakes have cheeks?). The idea behind BITeS was to have something new on the site on a somewhat regular basis to keep people in the community engaged. It was not intended to be a place for announcements of upcoming events, but it has often served that purpose. As we have developed additional avenues for engagement including a stronger social media presence, the Discord server, SLiThErs, and nanochats to name a few, the original purpose for BITeS was no longer necessary. So, today I announce a rebranding of BITeS to what it is and has been for some time, Bringing Information to Each Snakehead! Same great acronym, same great logo, just a new purpose. BITeS will be used to announce upcoming events and schedules. While this is somewhat in-line with the #Announcements channel on the Discord Server and social media blasts, it is still important that these things get announced on the site, at least for now. If you have something you would like to announce on BITeS, please contact a member of the Leadership Council.

Claude Mertzenich / Luther College

Sounds good.

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