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Julia Chamberlain, University of California Davis
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Molar absorptivity / molar extinction coefficients for inorganic solutions

Greetings VIPErs,

I am looking for molar absorptivity (or molar extinction coefficient) data for a handful of inorganic compounds (in solution), as a function of wavelength in the UV/visible spectrum. Can you help?

The compounds are Co(NO3)2, CoCl2, K2CrO7, AuCl3, K2CrO4, NiCl2, CuSO4, and KMnO4.

I have tried the following online resources without success: the CRC Handbook, the NIST Chemical WebBook, the Combined Chemical Dictionary, PubChem, SciFinder, and Google.

I would greatly appreciate your suggestions for resources that may have these data! If the search is to no avail, I will probably resort to tracking down a UV/vis spectrophotometer (and the various chemicals) and taking the measurements myself, but I would hugely appreciate a more reliable source, in addition to not having to do this.

Many thanks!

Kurt Birdwhistell, Loyola University New Orleans
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The first two in your list you should be looking up [Co(OH2)6]2+.  and for NiCl2 you should be looking at [Ni(OH2)6]2+.  Did you try looking these compounds up using Scifinder scholar.  Then look at the physical parameters page. 



Jeffrey Bodwin, Minnesota State University Moorhead
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Hmm, grade papers and do administrivia, or do some fun science for a little while...  I think I'll do SCIENCE!!

We don't have AuCl3 on the shelf, and the CoCl2 solution was just a tiny bit cloudy, but I ran the rest of these samples.  Data is at http://www.drbodwin.com/research/phetuvvis01.xlsx and I took a picture of the samples http://www.drbodwin.com/research/IMG_0469.JPG .  Oooo, pretty...

Any questions about them, let me know.  bodwin@mnstate.edu

Julia Chamberlain, University of California Davis
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Your data, and photo, are awesome!  Thank you so much for collecting these data to share with me--I am just amazed by your kindness and generosity with your time and resources!

Many, many thanks,


Joanne Stewart, Hope College
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Dear Jeff,

The link to your data still works (so cool), but the link to the photo seems broken. Would it be possible to fix it?

Thanks, Joanne

Kyle Grice, DePaul University
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