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Happy New Year! Let's hope it's a good one...

While we have had a bit of a break for the holidays and end of classes for the fall, Team SLiThEr has been busy planning. We have an exciting series of roundtable discussions on a variety of topics coming up for the spring. These events take place live via Zoom and are recorded for putting on our YouTube channel. If you aren't familiar with our SLiThEr events, you can see all of the previous ones in this new collection!

Here is the schedule for the spring (subject to change but hopefully none will happen)

January 20 at 3 pm eastern (GMT-4)

Hosts: Reilly Gwinn and Sydney Towell

Topic: Student perspective on a pandemic during your senior year

Registration: Here


February 4 at 3 pm eastern (GMT-4)

Hosts: Benny Chan and Abby O'Connor

Topic: Inclusivity in inorganic courses


February 17 at 3 pm eastern (GMT-4)

Host: Sabrina Sobel

Topic: Scaffolding in your course


March 4 at 3:30 pm eastern (GMT-4)

Hosts: Dan Kissel and Kari Stone

Topic: Online general chemistry


March 25 or 26 at TBD

Host: TBD

Topic: TBD


Early April during the ACS meeting TBD

Hosts: The IONiC VIPEr Leadership Council

Topic: Social hour


April 21 or 22 at TBD

Hosts: Various

Topic: Applying for academic positions


Updates to the schedule will be made via comments to this post and can also be found on the VIPEr Discord Channel.

Sabrina Sobel / Hofstra University

My Feb. 17th SLiThEr will be about using oral exams through Zoom in General Chemistry and how I scaffolded the learning to enhance student success.

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Anne Bentley / Lewis & Clark College

Thanks for the SLiThEr schedule, everyone!  I can make the Thursday ones and look forward to them.  (And I can watch the Wed ones on youtube.)

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Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

Update to the schedule. I will be hosting the SLiThEr on 3/25 at 3 pm and I will be talking about creating a Libretext.

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