2019 VIPEr Summer Workshop


Our speaker this summer will be Linda Doerrer, from Boston University.  Professor Doerrer is an "equal-opportunity element utilizer" whose research is focused on the synthesis of highly fluorinated aryloxide and alkoxide ligands for the stabilization of high oxidation states in first-row transition metals and potentially conducting one-dimensional nanowires. This workshop will concentrate on how to use results from her research to teach core inorganic chemistry concepts using the primary literature.  Participants will learn to design and assess student-centered materials; concrete outcomes of the workshop include new open-access Learning Materials for the Inorganic classroom.   

This workshop will be held at Smith College in Northampton, MAfrom June 4-7, 2019. If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to contact either Anthony Fernandez (fernandeza@merrimack.edu) or Betsy Jamieson (ejamieso@smith.edu).