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This Literature Discussion is based on the article “Square-planar Co(III) {O4} coordination: large ZFS and reactivity with ROS” by Linda Doerrer et. al.   It includes a reading guide that will direct students to specific sections of the paper that highlight some of the key results and analytical techniques that lead to them.

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Learning Goals
  1. Interpret results in high-level scientific papers, which will help them gain confidence in their abilities to read papers.

  2. Identify conclusions from the text of a paper, given an indicated scheme and data set.

  3. Synthesize multiple conclusions from different sections of a paper into an overall understanding of the conclusions of a paper

  4. Relate oxidation state to bond lengths in real examples

  5. Compare low- and high-spin d-orbital splitting diagrams.

  6. Identify unpaired electrons in a splitting diagram.

  7. Relate electron-density to acidity and ligand field strength.

  8. Recognize that science is collaborative and involves experts in many fields.

Implementation Notes

These questions are drawn from key conclusions in the text of the paper. It could be useful to highlight the specific areas of the text, or to include a statement like the following:


"For the following questions, specific figures and acronyms are mentioned. Often, authors will include a reference to a specific figure in the text when they are drawing conclusions from the data, and so it can be useful to find those specific sentences in the text of the paper when you are analyzing their data and conclusions."

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