6 Jun 2019

1FLO: Relating Electronic Spectra and Ligand Field Strength of [NiX4]2- Anions

In-Class Activity

Submitted by Wesley S. Farrell, United States Naval Academy

This 1FLO asks students to interpret an electronic spectrum of 5 NiX42- anions.  Students will determine the relative ligand field strength, (re)familiarize themselves with terms such as "redshift" and "blueshift", and consider possible metal complex geometries.

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Learning Goals: 
  1. Students (re)familiarize themselves with relationship between wavelength (λ) and wavenumber (cm-1).

  2. Students recall 4-coordinate geometries.

  3. Students define the terms “redshift” and “blueshift.”

  4. Students analyze data to construct a partial spectrochemical series.

Equipment needs: 


Implementation Notes: 

This activity could be used as either a guided introduction to the spectrochemical series, or as an in-class activity to review after introduction.  If used as an introduction, question 4 may need modification.

Time Required: 
15 - 20 Minutes
Evaluation Methods: 

Evaluate students' comprehension based on verbal in-class answers and ensuing discussion.

Evaluation Results: 

None yet available.

Creative Commons License: 
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