6 May 2018

Software to create NMR spectrum from literature data?

Submitted by Anthony L. Fernandez, Merrimack College

Does anyone know of a piece of software that can create a NMR spectrum from literature data? For instance, I would like to "create" a spectrum from a list of peaks and coupling constants listed in an article. I find that the visual aspect of students looking at a spectrum (and not at a list of peaks) is more impactful on their ability to understand NMR data. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


15 Jul 2011


So, I just saw this and thought it was pretty nifty:


Its a small NMR machine (about 10lbs and less than 1 cubic foot of space) that sits on the bench for 20,000 USD.   its 45 MHz and uses a capillary, not NMR tubes, but still, benchtop NMR, without cryogenic liquids, and its a FT machine.  

18 Mar 2010

Most unusal NMR experiments?

Submitted by Hilary Eppley, DePauw University
This question is along the same lines as the "how many elements have you worked with" post below!   Last night some of the "pit VIPErs" (our pet name for those of us who got this site started) were discussing bizarre and interesting NMR experiments.  We thought it would be fun to compare the types of weird nuclei, pulse techniques, etc.  that the VIPEr users have done either in research or in a laboratory class.
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