21 Mar 2020

chromium and molybdenum arene complexes (COVID-19 version)

Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
Evaluation Methods: 

i have no idea.... yet! (growth mindset!)

Evaluation Results: 

I will report this later this spring.


The synthesis of (arene)Cr(CO)3 and (arene)Mo(CO)3 complexes are fairly standard experiments in the organometallic curriculum. I present here some student data and experimental descriptions of real procedures carried out at Harvey Mudd College over the previous two to three years. The word document has the answers in it so it is posted under "faculty resources" but the raw data (pdf or png form) is presented for those who need data to support their distance learning classrooms in the Spring of 2020. I also include an input file for Mo(benzene)(CO)3 should you desire to use WebMO or Gaussian to carry out some calculations. 


there was a minor mistake in the reported integrations for one of the complexes in the original faculty only file; it has been fixed in the v2 version.

Course Level: 
Learning Goals: 

Students will interpret provided data to write their own experimental sections for molecules they were unable to prepare in the lab. The guided inquiry part allows students to use data to predict the outcome of a chemical reaction.

Equipment needs: 

be able to view PDF/PNG files

Implementation Notes: 

I have not used this yet but will be using it spring 2020.

Time Required: 
8 Jun 2019

VIPEr Fellows 2019 Workshop Favorites

Submitted by Barbara Reisner, James Madison University

During our first fellows workshop, the first cohort of VIPEr fellows pulled together learning objects that they've used and liked or want to try the next time they teach their inorganic courses.


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