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Specific Course Information
Course Area and Number
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD / USA
Inorganic Chemistry (7th Ed), Weller, Overton, Rourke, Armstrong
Course Meetings and Time
Number of meetings per week
4 meetings / week
Time per meeting (minutes)
50 min / meeting
Number of weeks
> 15 weeks
Lab Associated
Yes, standalone
Average Class Size
15 to 25
Typical Student Population
This foundation-level course is taken by chemistry majors in the junior year.

From the course catalog: The chemistry of the Main Group elements and the transition metals are studied with emphasis on the properties, structures, and reactivities of these elements and their compounds.


Learning Goals

Through this course, students will be able to....

  • predict chemical and physical properties of elements from their positions in the periodic table.
  • analyze differences in chemical structure and reactivity of inorganic elements and compounds in terms of atomic structure, appropriate bonding theories, sterics, and electronics.
  • evaluate inorganic reactions in terms of kinetics and thermodynamics.
  • describe the applications of inorganic chemistry in the Navy and in society.
How the course is taught
a mixture of lecture and small group work that includes a literature discussion to accompany each chapter of the course
Grading Scheme
Exams 30%
Quizzes 20 %
Graded HWs/Assignments 10 %
Literature Group Activity 15 %
Final Exam 25 %
Creative Commons License
Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA