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Specific Course Information
Course Area and Number
CHM 460
Washington & Jefferson College
Washington, PA USA
Inorganic Chemistry (5th Edition), Miessler, Fischer & Tarr
Course Meetings and Time
Number of meetings per week
3 meetings / week
Time per meeting (minutes)
70 min / meeting
Number of weeks
15 weeks
Lab Associated
Average Class Size
1 to 5
Typical Student Population
This course is taken by junior or senior chemistry majors.

This course will explore many of the fundamental principles of inorganic chemistry, with significant emphasis on group theory, molecular orbital theory, angular overlap theory, coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and bio-inorganic chemistry. Specific topics will vary, but will generally include coverage of atomic structure, simple bonding theory, donor-acceptor chemistry, the crystalline solid state, coordination compounds and isomerism, electronic and infrared spectroscopy applied to inorganic complexes, substitution mechanisms, and catalysis.

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Learning Goals

At the conclusion of this course you will:

  1. Understand the theories involved for chemical bonding as presented in Simple Bonding, Molecular Orbital, and Band Structure theories.
  2. Be able to visualize the structure of molecules through symmetry elements and operations and understand the connection between symmetry operations and representations of point groups.
  3. Have an expanded view of acid / base chemistry through the introduction of the Lewis Concept and the principle of hard and soft acids and bases.
  4. Appreciate the vast array of unique properties exhibited by coordination compounds.
  5. Understand some of the concepts and developments in the fields of organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry over the recent decades. 
How the course is taught
Mostly lecture with a limited amount of small group work.
Grading Scheme
100 - 93 A
92 - 90 A-
89 - 87 B+
86 - 83 B
82 - 80 B-
79 - 77 C+
76 - 73 C
72 - 70 C-
69 - 67 D+
66 - 63 D
62 - 60 D-
59 - 0 F
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Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA