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This in class activity consists of two demonstrations to be performed by the instructor, followed by a worksheet that students may work on independently or in groups.  The demonstrations allow the students to determine when a reaction has occured, when it has not occured, and generate qualitative reaction energy profiles to match these observations.  This activity is designed to take place during a description of kinetics in general chemistry. Detailed descriptions of the procedure and activity may be found in the "Overview for Instructor."

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Learning Goals

Students should be able to create qualitative reaction energy profiles which match a series of reactions, catalyzed and uncatalyzed.

Equipment needs
  • Three 8” test tubes
  • 3% H2O2
  • Small cubes of potato, both raw and cooked
  • 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask
  • Pt spiral (preferably in glass tube with hook for support)
  • Methanol
  • Bunsen burner (with striker)


Implementation Notes

Please see the "Overview for Instructor" document for implementation notes.

Time Required
15 minutes


Evaluation Methods

Students will report answers to the class.  The instructor should use the quality of these responses to gauge understanding.

Evaluation Results


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