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My Notes

All VIPEr learning objects are supposed to include clear student learning goals and a suggested way to assess the learning. This "five slides about" provides a brief introduction to the "Understanding by Design" or "backward design" approach to curriculum development and will help you develop your VIPEr learning object.

Learning Goals

Faculty will

  • understand the "backward design" concept
  • learn to write learning outcomes and assessments using the verbs ("activities") and "products" provided
  • learn how a rubric can be used to discriminate students' levels of achievement
Implementation Notes

These slides are a quick and dirty summary of a longer hands-on faculty development workshop I do. They provide an introduction to the Understanding by Design process, help in writing learning goals, suggestions for developing assessments of student learning, and helpful hints for preparing a VIPEr learning object.

Time Required
15 minutes to read the slides; a lifetime to practice the skill :)
Evaluation Methods

I hope that faculty will use these slides to aid their writing of learning goals and assessments for the VIPEr site.

Creative Commons License
Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA
Sibrina Collins / College of Arts and Sciences at Lawrence Technological University


I hope all is well. I am having my students in my advanced inorganic course give chalk talks on various topics such as carbenes, metal carbonyls,  and etc. I was thinking that I could ask the students to convert their chalk talks into a "Five Slides About" powerpoint to publish on VIPEr. This way we can generate more content on the site. What do you think? What topics would you like to see published on the site?


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Joanne Stewart / Hope College


Two things. All topics are welcome in "5 slides about." The ones you proposed would be great. AND, I think having students write learning goals for their topic ("What is it you really expect us to KNOW from this?") and/or having them write a test question can really clarify their work. The learning goals would be entered when their learning object (LO) is uploaded, and the test question could be the proposed assessment. (And double gold stars if you use the test question and include the assessment results in the LO.)

Second, you can probably tell that this "5 slides about" is really more of a "how much information can I cram on 5 (actually 7) pages" instead of being 5 truly useful slides. It would be better if your students' slides were of presentation quality!

I look forward to seeing your students' work!

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Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College


I gave my students the option to do a "5-slides about" instead of writing a paper in my organometallics class last year (Fall 2009). Several groups did so and they are on VIPEr.   Maybe these will give you or your students some ideas? I would agree with Joanne's sentiments, however.  Making them "presentation" quality, or at least "very useful" would be better than "cram a lot of stuff on them" slides.

Here are the links:……

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Sibrina Collins / College of Arts and Sciences at Lawrence Technological University

Dear Adam and Joanne,

Thanks for sending this info. When the students have all completed their chalk talks, I will give them the option of turning them into "Five Slides About" presentation. I will need to have them all become members of VIPEr! Yay!


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Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College

Actually, we had some issues with students submitting LOs to VIPEr.  We had to give them temporary faculty status (or we could have you submit it on their behalf).  Let one of us know and we can help.


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