26 Apr 2013

Inorganic Chemistry Forums

Literature Discussion

Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
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Beginning with Volume 43, Issue 25, Inorganic Chemistry began publishing Forums.

Inorganic Chemistry Forums consist of a set of thematically linked papers from leading scientists on a multidisciplinary topic of growing interest. Papers present overviews, research perspectives and original research reports on the Forum theme and are highlighted on the cover of the journal issue in which they appear.

These forums are good introductions to a broad-ish sub-area of inorganic chemistry (such as the impact of inorganic chemistry on nuclear energy and actinides, main group chemistry synthesis and applications, to name two recent ones).

These papers could form a subset of a primary literature based course, or could form the basis for a student paper summarizing the field.

Learning Goals: 

After reading the forum articles, a student will have a broad introduction to a more specific sub-discipline of chemistry. Depending on how the forum articles are used in class, the student might be able to:

- show ability to research a field

- construct an annotated bibliography

- dive more deeply into material presented in class


We would be interested in seeing how you use the forum articles in your class.... please post in the comments!

Related activities: 
Implementation Notes: 

I have not taught with these specific articles but could imagine using them as

- a basis for a student-led sub-unit in a junior or senior level course (as the related activity on such an activity on organometallics describes)

- a starting point for a group monograph project or individual writing project either with or without an inter-institutional component (see the related activities on group monograph or descriptive inorganic chemistry writing)

- a basis for an in-class discussion on a topic; teams of students could read different papers and present them in class for discussion.

Time Required: 
Evaluation Methods: 

it would depend on how the forum articles are used. please post your evaluation methods in the comments!

Evaluation Results: 

it would depend on how the forum articles are used. please post your evaluation results in the comments!

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