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I used this Excel spreadsheet to generate bingo cards for teaching *organic* nomenclature and functional groups to first year students during a recitation section.  I gave each student a handful of pennies and a bingo card generated randomly.  The topics could be easily changed to inorganic nomenclature, solid state lattices, you name it.  Its a quick way to review a small amount of material before an exam.

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Learning Goals

A student will cement their knowledge of nomenclature (or other topic) by playing a fun game in class.

Equipment needs

pennies, about 10 per student, or some other marking object.

Implementation Notes

I couldn't find an easier way to make a bunch of random bingo cards except to sort them by the random number in column a, and print the card.  If someone is a better Excel programmer than me, I'd love to see another version.  (or one that has inorganic questions in it...).  A student wins when they cover all 9 spaces on their card.  I went to Target or Walmart or something and bought a handful of cheap fun toys for fantabulous prizes.

Time Required
varies; between 20-50 minutes depending on how many games you play


Evaluation Methods

if a student wins, I make sure they know the definitions of all the words on their card, or they don't get a prize.

Evaluation Results

its a good review of a single topic.  Students had fun winning prizes.

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Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College

ok, first of all, I can not BELIEVE that this is 10 years old. Anyway, my colleague at HMC sent me this link a few weeks ago and I"ve been meaning to post it. A legit online bingo generator, rendering this LO completely obselete. I know a (teeny tiny) bit of coding so I looked at the source code to see if I could make heads or tails out of it. I could not.  here it is: bingo card generator


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