24 Feb 2009

Citing and Finding Chemical Literature Library Activity

In-Class Activity

Submitted by Jezmynne, Claremont University Consortium
Course Level: 

This assignment will orient new students to searching and finding chemical literature and effectively citing said literature.  The library session focuses on the semantics of the ACS style, overviews appropriate indexing/searching tools, and has students search and find two citations for a future lab assignment for their chemistry class.  

Microsoft Office document icon citingchemlitLO.doc27 KB
Learning Goals: 
  • Students should be able to correctly cite chemical literature reference in text and in a bibliography
  • Students should be able to navigate and search in chemical literature indexing databases for materials for research
Equipment needs: 
  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
  • Access to library resources
Implementation Notes: 
  • Work with your local chemistry or science librarian to determine the best library resources for this assignment
Time Required: 
1 hour
Evaluation Methods: 
  • Students turn in citations and citing sentences for chemical literature found during the learning session
Creative Commons License: 
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