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This in-class exercise prepares students for the homework Literature Searching: Bibliography Assignment. It allows them to practice the skills needed for that assignment while in class.

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Learning Goals

The student should become familiar with conducting an author search in Web of Science and Scopus.

The student should be able to follow a news story to a database in order to find primary literature.

Equipment needs

Web of Science and Scopus.

Implementation Notes

This assignment was part of a semester long course called Chemistry Literature and Seminar which is for Junior and Senior-level chemistry majors.  I typically give students about 20 minutes to finish this assignment and then make them present the findings to the rest of the class.

Time Required
40 minutes


Evaluation Methods

I collect this. It's typically worth 5 points. I'm mostly checking to see if they finished it or not.

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Donald Linn / Indiana U Purdue U Fort Wayne

I do a lit class and we do an assignment that uses WOS too.  I like the use of current events.  I also incorporate the use of journal impact to help evaluate sources.  Not too familiar with Scopus and others.  Google is helpful too!  I stick mainly to SFS and BG as key chemistry database tools. 

Donald Linn

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