26 Mar 2017

Formulas and Nomenclature of Compounds

In-Class Activity

Submitted by Sarah Shaner, Southeast Missouri State University
Course Level: 
Topics Covered: 

Students will be given the formula for a cation or anion on a slip of paper or index card. He or she will find another student with an ion with the opposite charge and practice writing the formula and naming the ionic compound that would result by combining the cation and anion. Students also answer a few questions about naming and formulas of binary molecular compounds with their partner.

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Learning Goals: 
  • Become better acquainted with their classmates and get used to working in groups.
  • Construct formulas for ionic compounds based on ion charges.
  • Practice naming ionic and molecular compounds based on their formulas.
Equipment needs: 

The instructor will need scissor and/or index cards to prepare the slips of paper or cards with ion names on them.

Implementation Notes: 

I typically give cations to one half of the room and anions to the other half. This means that students must move around the room to find a suitable partner. Since this is early in the semester, this helps with getting students to talk and work with people in the class they may not know.

Time Required: 
About 20 minutes
Evaluation Methods: 

The activity was not graded. After students work through the problems in pairs, we come back together as a class and discuss any problems that caused the students trouble.

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