7 Jul 2009

Introduction to High Resolution Spectroscopy

Web Resources and Apps

Submitted by Adam Bridgeman, The University of Sydney


A series of Java tools for learning about the relationship between molecular parameters (size, mass etc) and the form of the spectral trace. These cover rotational, vibrational, ro-vibrational and electronic spectroscopy.

Learning Goals: 

A student should be able to explain how the properties of a molecule relate to the form of its rotational and vibrational spectrum. A student should be able to explain how the lines in a high resolution spectrum are relate to the energy levels of the molecule.

Implementation Notes: 

This site is used in lectures to show graphically how the energy levels and spectrum are related. It is also used as a self-learning tool by students and is useful for those whose level of mathematics might restrict their enjoyment and understanding of spectroscopy.

Time Required: 
Each tool requires around 30 minutes. The whole site takes many hours.
Creative Commons License: 
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