28 Jun 2010

Powder Diffraction Crystallography Instructional Materials

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Submitted by Barbara Reisner, James Madison University
Brian Toby (Argonne National Labs) has assebled an excellent series of tutorials on using the Rietveld analysis technique for powder diffraction data. Tutorials range from an "Introduction to Crystallography" and "Getting Started with Rietveld" to using the "Le Bail Intensity Extraction" Method to "Advanced Rietveld Techniques."
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This website looks great!  I am assembling some materials to describe x-ray diffraction and crystallography to some students in an intermediate chemistry lab course (which is interdisciplinary) as well as looking for resources for the new Advanced Inorganic course I will be teaching next year.  I found many presentations that would be useful on the Argonne site.  Thanks Barbara! 


Kimberly Woznack

Associate Professor

California University of Pennsylvania

California, PA 15419

The October 2010 issue of the Journal of Applied Crystallography focused on "Crystallography Education and Training for the 21st Century."  There are a number of articles in this issue of likely interest to the VIPEr community.  Take a look!  And the online version is freely accessible through Open Source!

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