30 Jun 2016

Basics of Lanthanide-Based Photophysics

Five Slides About

Submitted by Jacob Charles Lutter, University of Michigan

This 5 slides about outlines the basics of lanthanide photophysics as a primer for those new to the topic.  These properties are very unique and actually very useful, which is a topic for another time.  The intricacies of what causes the Ln luminescence, its strengths and drawbacks are discussed along with how these drawbacks are addressed in molecular complexes.  Notes for the instructor are included that explain each slide.

Learning Goals: 

Students should be able to explain the Laporte selection rule, and why it is so important to the Ln photophysical properties of absorption/excitation and lifetimes.

Students should be able to explain how the intrinsic nature of the 4f orbitals creates advantages and disadvantages for luminesecence.

Students should be able to design possible antenna ligands based on desired characteristics.

Implementation Notes: 

Feel free to use all or part of this presentation as you see fit. 

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