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This LO is part of the 2024 series for national ACS award winners.  This particular LO focuses on a collaborative paper from the winner of the 2024 ACS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution, sponsored by Research Corporation (Rachel Narehood Austin). The award was given "for contributions to our understanding of the bioinorganic chemistry of alkane oxidation and metal binding to neurologically important metallothionein and for the development of heterogeneous catalysts." This literature discussion focuses on work describing the thermodynamics of metal ions binding to mammalian metallothionein-3.

Learning Goals

Students will be able to recognize how thiols act as metal ligands and how, upon oxidation to form disulfide bonds, they lose the ability to bind metal ions.

Students will identify several instances where the fact that enthalpy and free energy are state functions enables one to determine a thermodynamic parameter by doing indirect measurements.

Students will understand that the role of entropy in chemical reactions is a more complicated than the simple pictures that are typically presented in general chemistry.

Time Required
60-75 min
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I have not used this in my own classroom.

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