17 Aug 2009

Free Rice...and Periodic Table Symbols?

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Submitted by Nancy Scott Burke Williams, Scripps College, Pitzer College, Claremont McKenna College
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A neat site that quizzes you on chemical symbols (e.g., Ag for silver), and donates rice for right answers. Hey, if students are going to learn chemical symbols, they may as well do it in a game setting, and many will find it a touch less pointless if they're doing someone else some good at the same time.

Learning Goals: 

A student should become more familiar with the elemental symbols; a deficiency in this skill can trip up students too easily later, when they use the atomic weight of "Ir" in a problem involving "iron(III)oxide".

Implementation Notes: 

I plan to provide this to my students as a handy way to study their symbols-I'll tell them I only expect them to know the ones on the basic list. I don't *care* whether they know the symbol for praseodymium.

Time Required: 
As much as you like!
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Creative Commons Licence


My student Ian Boyd shared the following additional (though somewhat less altruistic!) periodic table quizzes with me.  Thanks Ian!   One is on Rob Toreki's Organometallic Hypertextbook site and one on a UK games site called Sporcle.   The former you have to enter the correct symbols on the right square on the periodic table.  The latter you have to type the name of the element and it puts it on the table for you.  

So, we used this in class for my Gen Chem I group on maybe the 3rd lecture day and I keep referencing them to it...I hope they get the picture that they need to recognize elements and this is a pretty neat way to work on it!



By the way, I just checked this out on snopes.com and it said it's legit. Cool.

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