17 May 2012

The Covalent Bond Classification (CBC) website

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Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College
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The covalent bond classification (CBC) method is a way to count electrons for transition metal compounds. It classifies ligands based on their type, either L, X or Z. This is the website for all things CBC. It contains a library which list useful materials for teaching CBC including books that teach the CBC method. The site also has teaching materials that contain MLX plots for all of the transition metals. The MLX plots are charts that show various electron counts and valence for a given metal. Finally, it also has a classification submission option where you can get feedback on classifying a compound.

Learning Goals: 

By using this cite and the links it provides, you should be able to use the CBC method to count electrons in transition metal complexes.

Implementation Notes: 

I have been teaching this method for two years at this point. It is nice to see a clearinghouse for this method and I will be sharing this resource with my students in the future.

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